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The UAE is a Country Offering Unparalleled Lifestyle Options, Security, Confidentiality, Exceptionally Advantageous Tax Regimes, Exciting Business and Investment Opportunities and a Wide Spectrum of Fantastic Free Hold Properties with 100% Foreign Ownership.

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UAE Free Zone Company Formations to Increase Due to Top Customs Efficiency

UAE Free Zone Company Formations to Boost as UAE Tops World Customs Efficiency

The UAE has been awarded a top global ranking in the Efficiency of Customs Procedures Index of the annual report of the Global Competitiveness of 2017.

This is exciting news as it adds another positive ranking to the UAE’s excellent track record for business-friendliness.

The latest achievement means that many more entrepreneurs whose business activities involve imports, exports and customs clearance operations will wish to set up in locations with the most efficient customs procedures.  This of course will lead to an increase in UAE Free Zone company formations.

We are Experts in the Field of UAE Free Zone Company Formation – Read about how we can Assist You with Your UAE Free Zone Company Formation

The Efficiency of Customs Procedures Index measures the level of efficiency of customs authorities in 63 different countries.  The results are based on a survey that was directed to many entrepreneurs and institutions with questions around the subject of shipping and more specifically about the services provided by the customs authorities in the countries.  The rankings are based on the efficient management of resources and use 346 indices.

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The Benefits You will Enjoy with a UAE Free Zone Company Formation

A free zone is a designated area where standard trade practices and regulations like tariffs or trade barriers are exempted or lowered for the purpose of encouraging new businesses and investment, mainly from foreign investors.

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The UAE’s Free Zones have many unique, exciting benefits that investors and entrepreneurs can enjoy with a UAE Free Zone company formation.

Here is a list of the many benefits:

  • 100% foreign ownership without the need of a local sponsor
  • 0% corporate tax
  • 0% personal income tax and capital gains tax
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits from the business
  • 100% free transfer of funds with no restrictions
  • 100% exemption of import and export duties
  • Access to markets via MENA and Asia regions
  • Solid and transparent laws and regulations
  • Low start-up and operating costs
  • Simple and swift procedures for company formation and licensing with one-stop-shops for administrative and government related services
  • UAE Free Zone company formation is much quicker that UAE non-Free Zone company formation
  • World-class logistical infrastructure with access to air, ship, rail and road transport systems
  • World-class communication and IT infrastructure
  • Simple and quick recruitment procedures, low cost of workforce, access to many qualified professionals
  • Liberal labour laws and regulations
  • Long term lease options for all facilities like warehouses for storage, assembling and production
  • Custom-made facilities such as warehouses, offices and factories
  • Value-added business support services like sponsorship and visa services
  • On-site housing facilities for staff
  • Access to operations 24/7
  • Unique, pleasant working environment
  • Access to many facilities such as banks, malls, restaurants, schools etc

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The FBS Kotsomitis Corporate Services Team provides a top quality service to clients to make UAE Free Zone company formation as simple and stress-free as possible.  We have first-hand experience of what works in the UAE to ensure Your success and prosperity.

Need a UAE Free Zone company formation? ….. If the answer is YES – start the 5 step simple procedure described below….

5 Steps for Your UAE Free Zone Company Formation

We will guide you through the five steps involved in UAE Free Zone company formation – Just click on the links below for the 5 simple steps to set up your UAE Free Zone company:

Get in Touch With Us – 1st Step to set up and license your UAE Free Zone company

Select Your UAE Free Zone Company Type – 2nd Step:

Select your preferred company type and UAE Free Zone best suited to your needs.  Select the professional services required from us to enable you to operate your company smoothly and efficiently.

Begin the UAE Free Zone Company Formation – 3rd Step: 

UAE Free Zone company formation, licensing and Residence Visa issuance.  Our corporate services team obtain and process all necessary documents and complete and submit all necessary applications, providing professional support  from start to finish.

Open Corporate and Personal Bank Accounts – 4th Step:

Select the most suitable bank for your needs and open company and personal accounts. Our team can assist you in selecting the right bank and organizing the bank account opening process for you.

Begin Operating UAE Free Zone Company with  Professional Support from our Team at FBS Kotsomitis – 5th Step:

We provide corporate services of all types including legal, UAE tax and VAT services, accounting, auditing, PRO services, consulting and document clearing for the smooth operation of your UAE Free Zone company.

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Customs Excellence in the UAE

The latest achievement in Efficiency of Customs Procedures reflects the efforts of the UAE Government’s “National Strategy for Innovation” and its “UAE Vision 2021”.

The UAE has shown the whole world that it provides excellence in customs services where the latest state-of-the-art technologies are used to streamline services in many customs related activities.

The annual report is published by the Global Competitiveness Center which is part of the International Institute for Administrative Development in Switzerland,  one of the most prestigious colleges in this field in the world.

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Prices and Start-Up Packages:Fees for the First Year and Subsequent Years
RAK ICC Offshore Company Registration for $1025Company Formation Fees and Annual Fees
Dubai or RAK Free Zone Company Formation for $3100Incorporation Fees and Annual Running Fees
UAE VAT, Tax, Accounting and Other FeesFees for Other Services
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UAE Company Formation Packages
Start-up Fee PackagesCompany Set-up in Dubai, RAK and UAE
UAE Offshore Company FormationStartup Fee Package - 1st year

By forming an offshore company in the UAE you can have a UAE address and run your business tax free internationally, open a bank account in the UAE or outside the UAE and own property in Dubai or RAK

Dubai  Offshore Company: $2100 + annual fees $1840 = $3940

Ras Al Khaimah - RAK ICC: $1025 formation + $1840 annual fees = $2865

Free Zone Company Incorporation in the UAEStartup Package - 1st year

By setting up a free zone company in the UAE you can enjoy the privileges of onshore presence and UAE and international trading  tax free, open a bank account in the UAE or outside the UAE and own property in Dubai or RAK. Residence Visa is given to investors and staff.

Dubai Free Zone Company: $3100

RAK Free Zone Company: $3100

Sharjah Free Zone Company: $3100

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company: $3100

Extra UAE Company Set-up Services on requestPrices

Virtual office, telephone  answering, mail forwarding, accounting, tax and VAT services and consulting, PRO services and Visa processing

On request - we price our services very competitively and are flexible to find fair agreements with clients

Offshore Companies and Free Zone Companies in Dubai, RAK and UAE
RAK Offshore Company - RAK ICCDubai Offshore Company - JAFZA
DMCCRAK Trade Free Zone
DAFZAAjman Free Zone
JLTRAKIA - RAK Investment Authority

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