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Dubai DTMFZ Company Formation

Dubai DTMFZ Company Formation Packages

Dubai DTMFZ Free Zone Company Formation

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Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone (DTMFZ)

Introduction – Free Zone Focus

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone (DTMFZ) is a free zone consisting of nine business parks which are part of TECOM Investments. Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone Authority is the sole regulator of the free zone. DTMFZA is responsible for developing and implementing regulations which are in line with global standards, to ensure that the companies in the free zone can operate effectively.

Each of the nine business parks operates as a separate entity and are divided into four cluster groups. The cluster groups are: Media, Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Sciences.

See below the relevant business park for each cluster:

ICT Cluster

  • Dubai Outsource Zone
  • Dubai Internet City

Media Cluster

  • Dubai Media City
  • International Media Production Zone
  • Dubai Studio City

Education Cluster

  • Dubai International Academic City
  • Dubai Knowledge Village

Sciences Cluster

  • The Energy and Environment Park (Enpark)
  • DuBiotech

DTMFZA was launched in 2000 in order to establish Dubai as a worldwide hub for knowledge-based industries. DTMFZA now houses over 3,600 companies made up of leading global players, many of which are Fortune 500 companies and leading regional companies.


Competitive Advantages: Why DTMFZ?

Start-Up Packages:Services for the First Year and Subsequent Years
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Dubai or RAK Free Zone Company FormationCompany Incorporation Services and Company Annual Running Services
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  • 100% personal, income and corporate tax free guaranteed for 50 years
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • Zero customs duty for goods and services
  • Ideal business environment for clients
  • World-class infrastructure and services which enable successful and profitable operations
  • Cluster working environment which enables interaction and cooperation between companies throughout the industry’s value chain
  • Well known international, regional and local industry players
  • First class technology and advanced processes
  • Easy, hassle-free registration of companies
  • Simple legal framework and company laws
  • One-stop shop providing governmental services – easy access to government and regulatory authorities
  • Access to knowledge workers because of fast immigration process
  • 24/7 visa service

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Contact Details:

Dubai Studio City
Commercial Building 2
First Floor
PO Box 450474

Registration and Licensing staff are located on the Ground Floor in the Customer Operations Building, Dubai Knowledge Village, Block 8.

Tel: +971 4 390 0500
Fax: +971 4 368 8992

Working Hours
7:30 am to 4.30 pm Sunday – Thursday

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Company Registration Process and Fees

  • Registration process
  • DED branch of free zone company
  • DTMFZA registration and licensing fees

Registration Process

DTMFZA’s Registration and Licensing Department provides the registration and licensing services for all entities operating in Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone.

Potential clients wishing to incorporate a company  in any of the TECOM business parks inside DTMFZ need to contact the Sales Department of the specific business park (see below list). The Sales Department provides support to the client and guides him through the entire setup process.

ICT Cluster:

Media Cluster:

Education Cluster:

Science Cluster:

Dubai Design District

DED Branch of Free Zone Company

DTMFZA together with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) offer a process to enable clients registered in DTMFZA to obtain a DED Branch of Free Zone Company’s license.

A DED Branch of Free Zone Company license means that companies can provide services to local companies in Dubai by appointing a Local Service Agent. In this way, free zone companies are able to provide services to the local market without needing to set up a separate company with a local partner.

Two options for DED Branch of Free Zone Company

  • Branch office outside the free zone
  • Branch office in the free zone

Branch Office Outside the Free Zone

  • Certificate of License Validity annual fee: AED 6,000
  • Local Service Agent Fees: annual base fee: AED 25,000
  • Additional visa fee: AED 1,000 per DED branch employee

Branch Office in the Free Zone

  • Certificate of License Validity annual fee: AED 3,500
  • Local Service Agent Fees: Annual base fee: AED 5,000

Process for setting up a DED Branch of Free Zone Company

  1. Client submits a request for Certificate of License Validity, signed by the FZ-LLC Manager to DTMFZA Business Centre
  2. DTMFZA reviews the request
  3. If the request for Certificate of License Validity is approved, DTMFZA prepares and requests signature for: Undertaking Letter and Local Service Agent Agreement
  4. Client pays the fees
  5. DTMFZA issues the Certificate of License Validity
  6. Client submits Certificate of License Validity to DED together with application for branch of FZ company

The normal process time to obtain a Certificate of License Validity is four working days for normal cases. The process time for the Registration and Licensing of a DED branch depends on DED.

DTMFZA Registration and Licensing Fees

Registration – Main Services Fees AED
Registration fees (FZ LLC) 3,500.00
Registration fees (Branch) 3,500.00
Conversion from branch to FZ LLC 3,500.00
Amendment of Share Capital (Increase/ Decrease) 3,000.00
Share Transfer – per instrument 3,000.00
Amalgamation of companies 3,500.00
Board resolution / other resolution-notarization 200.00
Memorandum and Articles of Association – notarization 200.00
Authenticity of signature – notarization 100.00
Specimen of signature – notarization 100.00
True copy – attestation 100.00
Original – attestation 100.00
Registration – letters and certificates
No Objection Certificate (NOC) 100.00
VAT Exemption letter 250.00
Memorandum and Articles of Association (both) – amendment 400.00
Certificate of Good Standing / Incumbency Letter 1,000.00
Other letter (Unspecified) 250.00
Registration – other services
Company information search 500.00
Other letters or certificates 1,500.00
Licensing – main services
New license As per Activity fee
License renewal (yearly) As per Activity fee
Licensing – amendment services
License amendment – adding additional segment (to the same license) except broadcasting, publishing, manufacturing, fabrication & production, advertising & communication) 10,000.00
License amendment- adding activity within the segment As per Activity fee
License amendment – manager name change 1,000.00
License amendment – company name change (including registration fees) 2,000.00
License amendment – location change 500.00
Licensing – Permits
Ramadan permit – food delivery facility 1,500.00
Ramadan permit – dine-in facility within the premises 2,000.00
Catering services 5,000.00
Licensing – Other Services
Re-issuance of license 1,000.00
License cancellation fee 1,500.00

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Services

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Minimum capital requirements
  • Licensing services
  • Business sectors
  • GSO
  • Customs
  • Zoning Division
  • Master Planning Section
  • Development Control Section
  • Regulatory compliance

Incorporation of Companies

Free Zone LLC (FZ-LLC)

  • A legal entity with shareholders as individuals and / or entities
  • At least one director
  • See below minimum capital requirements


  • A branch of a foreign or local company – it is not a separate legal entity from its parent company
  • A branch has the same business activities as the parent company
  • There are no minimum capital requirements

Freelance Permit

A Freelancer Permit is issued to a sole practitioner with business activities which are carried out under his/her name and not under the name of a company or brand.

Minimum Capital Requirements

The minimum capital required for incorporation depends on the business activity. Below are the minimum capital requirements for each business park within DTMFZA:

Dubai Internet City

  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 50,000

Dubai Outsource Zone

  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 300,000

Dubai Media City

  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 50,000

Except for the below which have a minimum capital requirement of AED 2,500,000:

  • Broadcasting TV segment
  • Broadcasting radio segment (except IP streaming)

Dubai Studio City

  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 50,000

Except for the below which have a minimum capital requirement of AED 2,500,000:

  • Broadcasting TV segment
  • Broadcasting radio segment (except IP streaming)

International Media Production Zone

  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 300,000

Except for the below:

  • Printing machinery and printing consumables manufacturing – AED 500,000
  • Printing press – AED 500,000
  • Publishing – AED 200,000
  • Graphic arts support services – AED 50,000

Dubai Knowledge Village

  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 50,000

Dubai International Academic City

  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 50,000


  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 50,000

Except for the below which have a minimum capital requirement of AED 300,000:

  • Manufacturing and production – therapeutics
  • Manufacturing and production – food
  • Manufacturing and production – agricultural, forestry, horticulture
  • Manufacturing and production – environment
  • Manufacturing and production – medical / scientific devices or equipment
  • Manufacturing and production – speciality supplies


  • Minimum capital requirement for a FZ-LLC AED 300,000

Except for Associations or non-profit organisations – minimum capital requirement – AED 50,000

Licensing Services

Commercial Licenses and Permits

  • DTMFZA must approve the company’s business activity
  • The business activities of the company must be in compliance with the licensing regulations issued by DTMFZA
  • The license or permit covers the operation of a business within the free zone
  • The client must lease a facility of DTMFZA
  • Licenses and permits are valid for a period of one year and are renewable annually (penalty or termination for late license renewals)

The following licensing services can by requested by DTMFZA’s clients:

License Renewal

All companies under DTMFZA need a valid license in order to operate. Clients are sent email reminders about license renewal and the documents required for this.

Amendments to Licenses

The following changes to licenses can be requested by DTMFZA’s clients:

  • Change of director
  • Change of manager
  • Change of company name
  • Change of company address
  • Change of business activity within the segment
  • Additional business activity within the segment

Transfer of Shares

A FZ-LLC company set up at DTMFZA can amend its share structure as follows:

  • Increase of share capital via new shares to existing or new shareholders
  • Transfer of shares to new or existing shareholders
  • Decrease of share capital

Other Changes to Licenses

  • Change from Branch of an overseas company to a FZ-LLC
  • Merge or amalgamation of two or more companies inside the free zone
  • De-registration and cancellation of licenses

Business Sectors

One license is issued per business sector which covers business activities listed under that particular business sector. For companies with business activities in more than one sector, this can be achieved if the client obtains approval from the business park concerned and if the company has leased suitable facilities from the business park concerned.

Click on the below business parks to see the sectors and permitted activities in each one:

ICT Cluster:

Media Cluster:

Education Cluster:

Science Cluster:

Dubai Design District

General Sectors

  • General providers of services
  • Consultancy services
  • Providers of property management services
  • Regional headquarters
  • Hotels and leisure facilities


TECOM’s Government Services Operations (GSO) department provides various services, for example immigrations services, traffic and postal services with its one-stop shop. It provides a hassle-free connection between clients and government departments.


Companies can import and export products in and out of the free zone subject to the specific activity specified in the Trade License. DTMFZA valid license holders are granted a company customs code for the processing of custom bills.

Zoning Division

DTMFZA’s Zoning Division is responsible for regulating the planning and construction of all projects within its jurisdiction. It creates and applies regulations which are in line with state and federal laws and guidelines.

The objective of Zoning Division is to ensure the optimal use of land and first-class facilities and infrastructures which satisfy business needs as well as social needs. Zoning Division’s services are based on global and local best practices.

Zoning Division is made up of two main sections – Master Planning and Development control:

Master Planning Section

  • Provides professional services for development of projects
  • Maintains and improves the development of projects
  • Ensures that the project specifications are in compliance with Dubai Comprehensive planning strategies
  • Pre-master plan – allocation of land and transfer of land
  • Master plan approval – initial concept, preliminary, detailed and final master plan
  • Post-master plan – issuing of the site plan and approving the master plan modification

Development Control Section

  • Compliance of construction with the rules and regulations for all projects
  • Issuing of temporary construction permits, building permits, fit-out permits
  • Issuing of completion certificates for buildings, piling, shoring etc.
  • Approves architectural, structural and MEP drawings
  • General, health, safety and environment and structural inspections during and after construction
  • Surveying of services such as demarcation, re-demarcation and fit-out

Regulatory Compliance

Companies, business partners and employees of companies set up in DTMFZA must comply with DTMFZA’s rules, regulations, standards and policies.

DTMFZA aims to:

• Regulate the DTMFZA companies to sustain industry development

• Raise awareness for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

• Support companies to comply with legal and regulatory requirements

• Enhance effective partnerships

• Answer all customer complaints

• Conduct frequent inspections of facilities

• Issue warnings, penalties and terminations in cases of breach of regulatory requirements.

Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone (DTMFZ) Map

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