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The UAE is a Country Offering Unparalleled Lifestyle Options, Security, Confidentiality, Exceptionally Advantageous Tax Regimes, Exciting Business and Investment Opportunities and a Wide Spectrum of Fantastic Free Hold Properties with 100% Foreign Ownership.

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Dubai Offshore Company Formation | Dubai Offshore Company

Dubai Offshore Company Formation Packages | Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Dubai Offshore Company Formation – One of the Most Popular Types of UAE Company Formation

Dubai Offshore Company Formation. Dubai Offshore Company Formation Services by the UAE Offices of The FBS Kotsomitis International Group in Ras-Al-Khaimah (RAK) – Watch our International Group Video Profile as Broadcast by FOX 5 News – Our Group’s Global Reach

Dubai Offshore Company Formation: Form a Dubai Offshore Company – Manage Your International Tax and Confidentiality Risks and Benefit from Many Advantages & Our World Class Dubai Offshore Company Formation Services

Start Your Dubai Offshore Company Formation NOW!

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Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Dubai Offshore Company Formation refers to the process, considerations, decisions and actions of legally setting up a Dubai Offshore Company or other type of Offshore Company or Business in Dubai, under UAE Law and Dubai Regulations with the JAFZA Jebel Ali Licensing Authority, intended to conduct business internationally.

Related and closely linked to this Dubai Offshore Company Formation process is all work connected to the establishment of the Dubai Offshore Company business per se which is to be conducted using this newly formed Dubai Offshore Company.

Such establishment work for Your Dubai Offshore Company often entails arranging for Visas for the owners, managers and staff if permitted by the license type, opening bank accounts for the Dubai Offshore Company, arranging registered agents and registered offices, arranging for professional services to support the Dubai Offshore Company and other establishment work.

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How Can We Help With Your Dubai Offshore Company Formation? Why Us?

Start Our 8-Step Process of Dubai Offshore Company Formation Now and Set Up your UAE Offshore Business of Choice. Any Dubai Offshore Company Formation Type and Dubai Offshore Business License in Dubai, such as JAFZA.

A to Z Services for Dubai Offshore Company Formation, Management and Administration from Leading Dubai Offshore Company Formation Registered Agents and Dubai Offshore Company Formation Consultants.

Work with FBS Emirates for Guaranteed High Standard of Professional Services, a Friendly Approach, Very Competitive And Fair Prices, Fast and Competent Execution, Your Minimum Involvement and Peace of Mind.

FBS Group: Your Trusted and Well-Established Dubai Offshore Company Formation Consultants – Dubai Offshore Company Registered Agents

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Why Set Up a Dubai Offshore Company or Dubai Offshore Business?

Benefit from Your Dubai Offshore Company being a Globally Recognised International Business Company (IBC)

A Dubai Offshore Company is a very well-known and popular Company type in the UAE and internationally and one that enjoys a “white-list’ status as it is not included in any official FATF ‘tax-haven black-lists’ internationally. In this sense, your new Dubai Offshore Company will enjoy an internationally recognized and accepted status.

A Dubai Offshore Company, or as it is more widely known as an Dubai International Business Company or an Dubai IBC, is a tax-free UAE Registered but Non UAE Resident Company that is set up in an especially designated UAE Economic Zone (Jebel Ali Free Zone).

This Dubai Offshore Company is in addition permitted to conduct, exclusively, international business activities outside the UAE and derive the entirety of its income outside the UAE, with the exception of rental income from UAE Real estate and interest on local deposits and bonds.

Many Advantages for Your Dubai Offshore Company

Constructive use of Dubai Offshore Company Formation in the UAE can yield the investor significant advantages. Tax Free Status, Security, Confidentiality, Flexibility and Unique Lifestyle Advantages. Read about the UAE Advantages and UAE Facts.

Multiple Business Activities in One Dubai Offshore Company

Dubai Offshore Companies are permitted to engage in multiple business activities such as trading in goods and services, professional services. They are used as holding Companies being shareholders and investors in other UAE or non UAE-based Companies as well as property holding Companies. Dubai Offshore Companies are not allowed to engage in Insurance and Finance business.

Confidentiality of The Dubai Offshore Company

Additionally, a Dubai Offshore Company or an IBC is protected by the highest levels of confidentiality adopted in the UAE about the identity of its owners, directors and activities, within acceptable international standards.

Bank Account & Registered Office of the Dubai Offshore Company

The Dubai Offshore Company is, however, allowed to have a UAE Registered Office at the location of its Registered Agents, open a UAE bank account as well a bank account anywhere outside the UAE, own UAE Real Estate in some Emirates and use the Services of UAE professional firms.

Dubai Offshore Company Formation: Other Advantages

  • The UAE imposes no restrictions or taxes or withholdings on fund transfers internationally or on repatriation of funds for Dubai Offshore Companies
  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed for the Dubai Offshore Company
  • Use of UK Common Law and the English Language in the Dubai Offshore Company documents
  • A Dubai Offshore Company is exempted from any income tax, corporate tax, personal tax or custom duty.
  • Non UAE residents AND UAE Residents, Individuals or Companies, can be directors or shareholders of the Dubai Offshore Company

Important Note – Dubai Offshore Companies

Finally it is worth noting that a Dubai Offshore Company is entitled to UAE Residence Visas for its owners or directors, employ staff or set up offices in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area on condition that it rents premises in the Free Zone.

Conclusion: Who is the Dubai Offshore Company Suitable For?

Therefore the Dubai Offshore Company or a Dubai Offshore IBC is suited to those investors who wish to set up a Company fast and at a lower cost than other Company types to minimize their corporate tax liabilities or to protect their assets.

A Dubai Offshore Company is attractive to investors because it is a Company with international image and multiple activities within a confidential and tax-free environment that can open a bank account in the UAE and/or anywhere internationally and has the highest degree of confidentiality. A Dubai IBC may be incorporated either by individuals or Companies.

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Dubai Offshore Company Incorporation in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai – Establishment Procedures

We specialise in Dubai Offshore Company incorporation with JAFZA, Jebel Ali Licensing Authority, in Dubai. We are your valuable partner for literally ALL Your Dubai Offshore Company needs in Dubai. Dubai Offshore Company incorporation, bank account opening and professional corporate services. Dubai Offshore Companies in Dubai afford significant advantages to investors and are 0% tax-free vehicles to do business.

Corporate and Structuring Advice:

Consultancy and discussion on the business purpose to confirm / guide you and make sure the Dubai Offshore Company will suit your business and/or purposes.

We will then send you a quotation to agree and subject to agreement we will issue an invoice for payment. On receipt of payment we will begin the work, as described below.

Registered Company name:

Choosing a name for your Dubai Offshore Company is the first and we recommend selecting three names in order of preference, to ensure that the name… (Ltd., LTD., Limited and LIMITED are all allowed in the Ras-Al-Khaimah).

Shareholders, Directors and Company Secretary:

A minimum of one Shareholder, two (2) Directors and one Secretary are allowed for the Dubai Offshore Company, each of which can be an individual or a corporate entity. The legal name, address, contact details and other attested (or ‘legalized’) documentation for each office may also be required. Plus each has to have visited the UAE in the last 6 months and be able to show the passport stamp of entry.

Also he/they may need to re-enter on applying to the bank to open a bank account. So the easiest, quickest and cheapest way is to have one natural person be the director, the shareholder and the secretary at the same time. In case we act on your behalf all is easy and no need exists for clients to travel to the UAE!

Shares and currency of issue:

Issued shares of a Dubai Offshore Company can be in any currency and are usually on a ‘non-paid up’ basis, allocated to shareholders in the denomination of your choice but we use USD$ as standard. There are no minimum capital requirements but for our clients we recommend to have adequate capital paid up and deposited at a local bank from the start to have the “goodwill” of the banks and the authorities as to the serious business intentions of the Company

Incorporation timescale:

On submission of all required documentation, Company formation can take up to 4-8 weeks. Bank account opening may take 2-4 weeks depending on the case and the specific corporate structure. So generally in the UAE it is true that “patience is a virtue”. Generally the UAE has significant “red tape” at all levels of the system (but to be fair it is also a very popular jurisdiction creating high workload levels for the banks and authorities) and things may not be as efficient as in the EU or the US. The Choice of a Competent Dubai Offshore Company Registered Agents / Dubai Offshore Company Formation Consultants is critical in this respect.

BUT … the UAE has such significant other advantages (0% tax, FULL 100% beneficial owner confidentiality with banks and authorities PLUS+ no information exchange for any type of UAE active Company trading in goods or services or holding Companies of active Companies!

Summary of Our Simple 8-Step Dubai Offshore Company Formation Process

Our Simple 8-Step Process aims at addressing all the actions and decisions necessary to successfully, smoothly and in a problem-free fashion Form, Set Up and Establish Your Dubai Offshore Company and Business in the UAE.

Our 8-Step process revolves around 8 central actions and related decisions for your Dubai Offshore Company Formation:

Choosing a suitable UAE-based Dubai Offshore Company Formation Expert and Consultant and submitting to them the Required Documents and Forms and obtaining a proper consultation. From then on with our guidance comes deciding on the Business and License Type and a specific UAE Location and Registration Authority to set up the Company, Deciding on Ownership Type, Choice of Legal Form, Deciding on Dubai Offshore Company Trade Name, Determining Share Capital – Shareholders – Managers, Deciding where and with which Bank to open a Bank Account with and finally setting out plans for Establishment Logistics – Premises, Marketing and other set up work.

Our Role as Dubai Offshore Company Registered Agents in the Dubai Offshore Company Incorporation Process …and After

  • Collect all owner’s identity and passport personal documents, CV, bank reference letter, 6-months bank statements, proof of address and a draft business plan and activities list AND in the case of a corporate shareholder the relevant Company documents of the shareholding Company
  • Prepare all Dubai Offshore Company incorporation documents for your Dubai Offshore Company
  • Complete, check and submit all Dubai Offshore Company Formation, Bank Account and Visa applications to the relevant bodies, institutions and Authorities
  • Name approvals and other governmental approvals (after approval, MOA and application forms will be signed) for your Dubai Offshore Company Formation
  • Monitoring and controlling the progress of the Dubai Offshore Company formation process through the various steps ensuring smooth and problem free set up
  • Bank account opening – we introduce banks to clients to act as the Dubai Offshore Company’s bankers
  • Full-Scope professional services to support your Dubai Offshore Company operations from A to Z (VAT, Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Audit)

Following the Formation Stage our role is to continuously support you in all related matters pertaining to the Dubai Offshore Company’s needs for professional services, as required.

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Dubai Offshore Company Formation at Jebel Ali Free Zone  (JAFZA)

JAFZA is one of the strongest business communities in the MENA region. It has boosted Dubai’s and, indeed, the UAE’s huge economic growth and development. It is one of the fastest expanding and largest free zones in the Middle East.

JAFZA is the first free zone ever in the world to gain ISO certification (1996). It also received a 1st place award in the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) in 2004 as well as the Dubai Quality Award in 2005 and 2010.

JAFZA opened for business in 1985 with a modest 19 companies. It presently houses over 7,100 companies from over 100 countries, one hundred of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Clients benefit from JAFZA’s strong connections with well-known global and local service providers, suppliers, trade partners and government departments.

JAFZA is located at Jebel Ali Port, the largest harbour in the world, which is connected to any port worldwide. It has the capacity to handle 15 million containers per year via 170 shipping routes. JAFZA’s strategic location means that it has access to most of the markets globally. Exports from JAFZA account for over 50% of the total exports for the whole of Dubai. JAFZA’s imports account for over 30% of total imports to Dubai.

Dubai International Airport, the 8th busiest cargo airport in the world, is close by. It has a capacity to handle 2.7 million metric tons. Also nearby is the massive Al Maktoum cargo airport. JAFZA offers a single customs service that connects the two airports resulting in a seamless, hassle-free air cargo procedure.

With a 6-lane modern highway, JAFZA is able to handle the transport of goods from port to cargo aircraft in 30 minutes.

Etihad Rail connects the UAE to Saudi Arabia and Oman, covering over 1200 km and transporting over 50 million tonnes of cargo and 16 million passengers per year.

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Services

  • Company registration
  • Issuing of licenses

JAFZA’s One Stop Shop offers client support from dedicated, experienced personnel from the company set up stage to the day-to-day running of the business. Clients are able to form their company, get their license, visa, arrange for business facilities and recruit staff all under one roof.

JAFZA News and Latest Developments

March, 2017 – JAFZA Company Setups to Boost

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FBS Group: We Make Dubai Offshore Company Formation in Dubai Simple For You!

Dubai Offshore Company Formation Consultants – Dubai Offshore Company Agents in Al Hamra Village in Ras-Al-Khaimah – The FBS Group:

Manage Your International Tax and Confidentiality Risks and Benefit from the Services of Dubai Offshore Company Formation Consultants – Dubai Offshore Company Registered Agents…With the lowest Fees for Offshore Company Formation and Free Zone Company Formation!

Dubai Offshore Company Formation Consultants – UAE Offshore Company Registered Agents

Members of The FBS Kotsomitis International Group in Ras-Al-Khaimah (RAK) – Watch our International Group Video Profile as Broadcast by FOX 5 News – Our Group’s Global Reach…

Start Your Dubai Offshore Company Formation NOW!

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Ras-Al-Khaimah (RAK) Head Offices: +971 7 244 7676

JAFZA Corporate Video

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) Map

Start-Up Packages:Services for the First Year and Subsequent Years
RAK ICC Offshore Company RegistrationCompany Formation Services
Dubai or RAK Free Zone Company FormationCompany Incorporation Services and Company Annual Running Services
UAE VAT, Tax, AccountingOther Corporate Services
UAE New Economic Substance RulesUAE Economic Substance Services
Click Here For 5 Steps Dubai, RAK And UAE Company FormationEmail us Now to Get Quotation
UAE Company Formation Packages
Start-up PackagesCompany Set-up in Dubai, RAK and UAE
UAE Offshore Company FormationStartup Package

By forming an offshore company in the UAE you can have a UAE address and run your business tax free internationally, open a bank account in the UAE or outside the UAE and own property in Dubai or RAK

Dubai  Offshore Company

Ras Al Khaimah - RAK ICC Company

Free Zone Company Incorporation in the UAEStartup Package

By setting up a free zone company in the UAE you can enjoy the privileges of onshore presence and UAE and international trading  tax free, open a bank account in the UAE or outside the UAE and own property in Dubai or RAK. Residence Visa is given to investors and staff.

Dubai Free Zone Company

RAK Free Zone Company

Sharjah Free Zone Company:

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company:

Extra UAE Company Set-up Services on requestPrices

Virtual office, telephone  answering, mail forwarding, accounting, tax and VAT services and consulting, PRO services and Visa processing

On request - we price our services very competitively and are flexible to find fair agreements with clients

Offshore Companies and Free Zone Companies in Dubai, RAK and UAE
RAK Offshore Company - RAK ICCDubai Offshore Company - JAFZA
DMCCRAK Trade Free Zone
DAFZAAjman Free Zone
JLTRAKIA - RAK Investment Authority

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