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Dubai Silicon Oasis Company Formation

Dubai Silicon Oasis Company Formation Packages

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone Company Formation

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Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSO) Free Zone Company Formation

Introduction – Free Zone Focus

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is owned by the Government of Dubai and is a free zone which was established to facilitate and promote modern technology based industries.

Technological collaboration and continuous innovation is achieved by DSO’s urban master-planned community which covers 7.2 million sq metres, its advanced infrastructure and in-house services. DSO’s highly experienced workforce, made up of technology experts from all over the world, study carefully the world’s best technology parks in order to identify and utilise essential specific elements for success of technology based enterprises.

DSO is a business hub which is rich in hi-tech innovation, advanced technology and is highly convenient for clients. It offers a broad range of business and residential facilities. People living and working in the DSO community enjoy exceptional lifestyles.

DSO offers a complete range of benefits and incentives to companies housed within the free zone. DSO invests in exceptional entrepreneurs by providing investment funds together with a network of venture capitalists for additional funds in order to transform brilliant ideas into successful companies.

The Rochester Institute of Technology is housed in DSO, which means access to world-class technology graduates employed by the world’s best technology companies.

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Competitive Advantages: Why Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority?

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  • No income tax
  • No corporate tax
  • No import or export tax
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Hassle free and speedy company set-up and licensing
  • Stable, simple regulations
  • Direct access to MENA markets
  • Advanced IT infrastructure and systems with tier 3 data centre ideal for global or regional head offices
  • Dedicated business support with online E-Business system providing speedy and efficient services
  • Access to pool of talented technical and engineering personnel
  • Robust support and protection for IP development
  • First class R&D facilities
  • Investment incentives offered for hi-tech companies

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority Contact Details

Government of Dubai
Company Establishment & Affairs Dept.
Headquarters Building
PO BOX: 6009, U.A.E.
Tel: 00971 4 501 5000 / 00971 4 501 5230
Fax: 971 4 501 5030

Working Hours
8.00 am to 2.00 pm Sunday to Thursday

Key People

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni
Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Shahla Abdul Razak Bastaki
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Juma Al Matrooshi
Executive Vice President – Commercial

Eng. Muammar Khaled Al Katheeri
Executive Vice President – Engineering Management

Ghanim Al Falasi
Senior Vice President – Corporate Services

Dubai Silicon Oasis Company Registration Process

Potential clients of DSO need to select and register their company and then select and obtain a business license in order to be able to operate the company.

Company Set-up Process:

Step Client DSO
One Submit the application: Complete the application form for the chosen company and submit it with documents required to DSOA – Commercial Sales Section Document pre-approval: Review of documents (activity & security check). Initial approval and invoices are issued to the client
Two Payment of fee and submission of legal documents: Payment of related fees and submission of legal documents Issue agreement: Issue lease agreement
Three Sign agreement and FZE / FZCO to submit share capital letter: Client signs the lease agreement and returns it to DSOA together with the bank share capital letter Issue License: Registration documents & license issued

Documents Required


  • The application process takes 7 days
  • The license and lease agreement is issued in 2 days following DSO’s receipt of all documents and payments

Registering Companies in the Administrative Zone in DSO

For clients wishing to operate from a facility which is not owned by DSO Authority but by a private developer/owner in a private facility within the freehold/leasehold facilities of DSO then they need to apply to DSOA’s Freehold Licensing Section.

Potential clients of DSO need to select and register their company and then select and obtain a business license in order to be able to operate the company.

Freehold Set-up Process

Step Client DSO
One Submit the application form: Complete the application form for the chosen company and submit it with required documents to DSOA – Company Establishment Affairs Section Document pre-approval: Subject to review of documents (activity & security check). Initial approval and invoices are issued to the client
Two Payment of fee and submission of legal documents: Payment of related fees and submission of legal documents Issue of letter for bank account: Issue a letter which allows the FZE / FZCO company to be able to open a bank account with a Dubai bank and deposit capital
Three FZE / FZCO to submit share capital letter: Client submits the bank share capital letter to DSOA Issue License: Registration documents & license issued

Documents Required for Initial Approval – FZCO, FZE & Branch

  1. Completed DSOA Freehold / leasehold application forms
  2. DSOA Company Investment Plan (FZE & FZCO)
  3. Recent Annual Financial Report (branch & non-individual shareholder audited, if available) or Bank Reference letter (individual shareholder)
  4. Power of Attorney (only required if signing on behalf of founders)
  5. Project Summary letter
  6. Passport copy of shareholder‘s (FZE & FZCO) & manager
  7. Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation (branch & non-individual shareholder)
  8. Trade License of the parent company or shareholder (applicable for local company only)
  9. NOC from current sponsor (for individuals)
  10. Complete Acknowledgement form (P&D)
  11. Unit title deed
  12. Office tenancy contract (required after initial approval and before registration)

Documents Required for Initial Approval – Business Operation Permit

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Fill in DSOA Business Operation Permit application form
  3. Freehold / leasehold acknowledgement form
  4. Copy of manager’s passport
  5. Copy of DED-Dubai Economic Development Trade License
  6. Copy of the Unit Title Deed (issued by the Land Department under the unit owner name)
  7. Office Tenancy Contract (needed following initial approval and before registration)

Capital Requirements for FZE / FZCO

Minimum capital required: AED 100,000

  • For FZE, each share in multiples of AED 100,000
  • For FZCO each share in multiples of AED 10,000

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority Services

DSO offers a wide range of services designed to ensure all clients’ needs are fulfilled.

  • Company set-up
  • Business licenses
  • Immigration Services and Issuing of Visas
  • Customs Clearance
  • IT Services
  • Other Services
  • Municipal Services

Company Set-up

The following types of companies can be set up at DSO:

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Free Zone Company (FZCO)
  • Branch

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

An FZE is a legal entity which is incorporated / registered by one shareholder. The shareholder can be either an individual or a non-individual (ie. company).

Free Zone Company (FZCO)

An FZCO is a legal entity incorporated / registered with a minimum of two shareholders. Shareholders can be either individuals or non-individual (ie. companies).


An established company either based in the United Arab Emirates, or in another country can incorporate its branch in DSO. The branch’s activities need to be the same as the parent company’s activities.

Business Licenses

There are three categories of licenses for clients who wish to set up a company in DSO. The selection of license will depend on the company’s operational requirements.

  • Operating Licenses – Industrial License, Service License, Trade License
  • Business Operation Permit
  • Entrepreneurial Business License (EBL)
  • Industrial License: for the import of raw materials, manufacturing activities, processing assembling, packaging and export of products
  • Service License: in order to carry out specific services
  • Trade License: for import, export, distribution activities of items and goods specified in the license

Operating Licenses

Business Operation Permit: a special permit for companies with business activities in the DSO Administrative Zone, operating with a license issued by Dubai Economic Development (DED). No share capital is needed for this type of license.

Entrepreneurial Business License: ideal for young entrepreneurs as it encourages their business success via support services. Provided only to members of DSO’s incubator program. The client gives a small percentage of the business in return for a low cost license.

Immigration Services and Issuing of Visas

DSO provides in-house immigration and visa services with its one-stop shop which operates directly with Dubai Naturalization & Residency Department (DNRD) and immigration departments.

  • Employment Visas – Issuing, amending, renewing or cancelling of employment visas for directors, shareholders, managers and employees as well as recording of incidents and absconders
  • Residence Visas – Issuing, renewing residence visas for employees and their families on personal sponsorship
  • Visit Visas – Issuing temporary (short-term, long-term or multiple entry) visit visas for family and business partners
  • Domestic Helper Visas – Issuing of Entry / Residence visas for domestic helpers on personal sponsorship

Customs Clearance

DSO provides a range of customs services via its Dubai Customs branch.   Customs services include fast-track registration, inspection, clearance and other services to simplify and accelerate operations for clients.

IT Services

  • Advanced IT infrastructure and communications systems which support clients’ business activities
  • Fast set up of IT systems
  • Cost effective solutions

Features of DSO’s IT Infrastructure:

  • Use of a converged network system which allows data, voice and video transmitting over a single IP – based network
  • Data Center Hosting – two advanced data centre infrastructures which provide hosting services which are specifically tailored to clients’ requirements. Superior facilities with the latest international security, availability and scalability standards
  • State-of-the-art telecommunication services, including IP based telephony system and internet services – all DSO’s offices are equipped with IP based telephony system
  • Integrated online E-Business system providing speedy and efficient services
  • Internet services designed to provide companies with a competitive edge
  • Wide, comprehensive portfolio of structured connectivity solutions for cabling infrastructure
  • High-speed, data points to floor boxes according to clients’ requirements
  • Advanced communication platform for data networking without the need for large investment

Other Services

  • Dedicated client support services: help lines for attending to client requests
  • Facility management services: cleaning, maintenance, installations, power connections etc of facilities
  • Business facilities: booking conference rooms and lecture halls etc
  • Postal services: obtaining personal and company PO Box addresses within DSOA Head Office building
  • Administrative letters: providing administrative letters needed by banks and government entities, for example salary certificates, No Objection Certificates (NOC) Labour & access cards: labour cards allowing employees to work in the United Arab Emirates, which are also access cards to DSO
  • Amendment requests: any required changes or updating of official documents

Municipal Services

DSO offers municipal services for projects constructed inside the park including building certification and construction approvals.

Some of the services offered:

  • Issuing of site plan
  • Approval of preliminary design
  • Approval of final design
  • Building permits
  • Completion certificates
  • No Objection Certificates (NOC)
  • Demarcation of land
  • Approval of post tension works
  • Approval of piling works
  • Approval of shoring works
  • Approval of directional signage
  • Approval of pre-engineered steel system
  • Approval of raft foundation works
  • Approval of site preparation works
  • Modification of model analysis
  • Approval of hot rolls steel system
  • Approval of pre-cast concrete system
  • Closure of temporary lane

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority Products

DSO provides a wide range of top-quality, highly developed business and residential facilities for the businesses and people housed within the park. The infrastructure, equipment and systems are of the highest quality, are modern, highly maintained as well as being eco-friendly.

  • Office space
  • Warehousing
  • Light Industrial Units (LIU)
  • Plots of land
  • Conference / meeting rooms
  • Residential facilities

Office Space

DSO provides “Plug & Play” offices with the following features:

  • Total of 7.2 sq km
  • Modern office towers
  • R&D zones
  • Industrial zones
  • Educational establishments
  • Health care facilities
  • Hotel, banks, shops, restaurants, post offices, services
  • Wide range of lifestyle facilities
  • First-class telecommunications
  • Fibre optic network
  • Tier 3 data centre
  • 8 power stations
  • Fire, irrigation, water, sewage systems
  • Road network that provides easy access to and from Dubai’s main highways
  • Suitable for the setup of regional offices and R&D facilities
  • 160 sq ft and above
  • Onsite banks, restaurants, cafes and post offices
  • Outdoor common areas
  • Landscaped surroundings
  • High speed internet connections
  • VoIP connections
  • Avaya communications system
  • Premier data centre
  • UPS back up system
  • Cable access (2 voice and 2 data)
  • False ceiling, raised flooring
  • Centralised a/c
  • Curtains, carpets and wallpaper
  • More than 1400 covered car parking spaces
  • Fire systems
  • CCTV and 24/7 security


High Bay warehouses:

  • 172,000 sq ft building for high-bay warehouses and industrial space
  • Modern design and steel infrastructure
  • Office space (35,400 sq ft) on dedicated floors – fully fitted and equipped
  • IT cabling, fibre optic network
  • Central a/c
  • Fire systems
  • Car parking
  • Café within the facility
  • CCTV, 24/7 security

Operational Warehousing

  • Warehouses of 3,228 to 5,380 sq ft
  • Racking height 12m
  • Ideal for storage activities
  • 5,800 sq ft with 12m high capacity for storage
  • Office facilities attached of 214 sq ft
  • Fully fitted and equipped offices
  • Centralised a/c
  • Industrial, data and power outlets
  • UPS for IT equipment
  • Fire systems
  • CCTV and 24/7 security

Light Industrial Units (LIU’s)

  • Fitted office and mezzanine facilities of 1,560 sq ft
  • 3,868 sq ft per LIU including warehouse/industrial area of 2,307 sq ft
  • Modern, ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Structural, mechanical and electrical ceiling
  • Electronic sounder
  • Fibre optic networking
  • 160 KW electricity load
  • Fire systems
  • 24/7 access
  • Cost effective utilities
  • CCTV and 24/7 security

Plots of Land

  • Industrial land ready for development
  • Sizes from 65,000 sq ft to 2.7m sq ft
  • Ideal for construction of headquarter buildings, warehouses, R&D facilities, factories, logistics and distribution facilities

Conference / Meeting Rooms

  • Luxury conference / meeting facilities
  • Located at DSO head office
  • Latest audio-visual equipment
  • Latest projector systems
  • Latest multi-media systems
  • Ideal for modern high-tech businesses
  • Flexible seating layout
  • Free refreshments for clients

Residential Facilities

DSO offers a broad range of luxury villas and apartments either for purchase or lease, to satisfy the needs of clients:


  • Over 1,600 villas
  • Located inside the technology park
  • 3-5 bedrooms
  • Complete with facilities and amenities
  • 2 villa facilities – Cedre Villas and Semmer Villas each with its own facilities and amenities

Cedre Villas

  • 1047 villas
  • Constructed by the well known developer Arabtech
  • 3-5 bedrooms
  • Four different sizes: Luxury, Executive, Twin, Town House
  • Different designs and styles: Arabic, traditional, modern
  • Luxury villas have private pools
  • Sizes from 3,830 sq ft to 7,280 sq ft

Semmer Villas

  • 560 3 bedroom villas
  • 3,100 sq ft


  • One-two bedroom spacious apartments
  • For leasing
  • Competitive prices
  • Silicon Residences buildings I and II
  • Silicon Plaza – G+9 tower on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai in the TECOM area

Lifestyle of Residents

DSO offers a wonderful, extremely comfortable and high level of lifestyle and residential facilities to its clients with facilities and amenities such as shops, leisure facilities, education facilities, services. The whole concept is based on the provision of convenience and comfort to the community.

Future Project – Silicon Park, Smart City Project

  • Due for completion in late 2017
  • Total area of 150,000 sq metres
  • 71,000 sq metres office facilities
  • 25,000 sq metres commercial facilities
  • 46,000 sq metres housing facilities
  • Focus on six pillars: life, society, mobility, economy, governance and environment
  • Conference and meeting halls, hotels, other facilities
  • Superb smart utilities: charging of smart devices on the street, smart pop-up furniture and digital play tables, free Wi-Fi, smart robotic tech solutions, health and fitness centres, running and walking paths, electric vehicles as form of transportation, rechargeable electric bikes, other public amenities
  • Advertising billboards on glass façade – smart glass technology

Government Partners

DSO has close partnerships with a range of government authorities enabling it to provide a range of services to companies housed at DSO. Service is enhanced to DSO’s clients as most of the government partners are based within DSO’s facilities.

Based at DSO:

  • General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
  • Etisalat (Telecommunications)
  • Dubai Customs
  • Dubai General Information Authority
  • Emirates Post
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • CID (Dubai Police)
  • Dubai Civil Defence

Not based at DSO:

  • Land Department
  • Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority


Major Clients

Some of the biggest pioneers of technology in the world are based at DSO, including:

  • Fujitsu
  • Western Digital
  • Schneider Electric
  • Wavetec
  • Synopsys
  • Henkel
  • 3W Networks
  • Nortel Networks

Information to download:

DSOA Corporate Video

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) Map

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