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International Humanitarian City (IHC) Free Zone Company

International Humanitarian City (IHC) Free Zone Company Formation

Introduction – Free Zone Focus

The International Humanitarian City (IHC) was created in 2003 by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

IHC is an aid and humanitarian hub offering its services and facilities to the global operations of humanitarian organizations and commercial suppliers to assist the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian operations. IHC welcomes humanitarian organisations and commercial entities from all over the world.

It is now the biggest and busiest global humanitarian hub and logistics centre for humanitarian aid in the world. It boasts nine UN agencies and about 65 nonprofit organisations, intergovernmental organisations and commercial entities.

IHC is a non-profit, independent free zone authority. It is a non-political, non-religious organization.

IHC is unique as it is the only free-zone designated to humanitarian response in the world. IHC’s vision is to be the largest and most efficient global humanitarian hub in logistics, innovation and collaboration in the world.

The IHC is amongst the 28 entities making up the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, which is the largest development foundation in the Middle East. It is a platform that enables its members, together with aid agencies, to organize fundraising activities. The IHC facilitates the delivering of humanitarian aid to crises and disaster victims and relieving the suffering of those living in poverty and suffering from hunger.

The IHC has unique transport and logistics advantages both in terms of air and maritime transport. The IHC is strategically located as Dubai is within eight hours by air to over 60% of the world’s population. IHC has the broadest geographical reach stretching from the MENA region to Asia, America and Africa.

IHC is located 18 km from the new Al Maktoum Airport and 21 km from Jebel Ali Port, which is the world’s largest man-made port. IHC’s members are able to move shipments from sea to air in 10 minutes.

IHC has organized the delivery of supplies to some of the worst crises of the past 10 years, such as the:

  • 2010 Haiti earthquake
  • Wars in Gaza
  • Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan
  • Ebola epidemic in West Africa
  • Nepal earthquake
  • Cyclone Pam

IHC has also carried out several evacuations, protecting over 600 UN staff from conflict in Afghanistan, Egypt and Yemen.

To see IHC’s Corporate Video, Google Map and useful Application Forms follow this link


Contact Details

International Humanitarian City
P O Box 506030
Tel: 00971 4 3680202
Fax: 00971 4 3681099
Email: /

IHC is located in Dubai Industrial City.

Key People

Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Chairperson

(Wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, Ruler of Dubai)

Ibrahim Mohammed Bu Melha, Vice Chairman

International Humanitarian City Registration Process



IHC issues licenses to branches of international non-profit organizations and to commercial companies for the setup of a branch of an existing non-profit organisation or a branch/subsidiary of an existing commercial company for supplying aid and development related goods and services.

Application Process:

  • Fill in IHC’s application form
  • Sign and deliver the application form together with the required documents to the Registration Department of IHC
  • On receipt of applications, IHC’s Registration and Licensing Department will then contact applicants for further processing and legal documents required.

Commercial Company

IHC issues licenses for the incorporation of new companies supplying aid and development related goods or services, partially or entirely owned by individual(s) or subsidiaries.

Application Process:

  • Fill in IHC’s FZ-LLC application form
  • Sign and deliver the application form, together with the required documents to the Registration Department of IHC
  • On receipt of applications, IHC’s Registration and Licensing Department will then contact applicants for further processing and legal documents required.

IHC’s Services

IHC brings together humanitarian non-profit organisations and commercial companies to create partnerships and social responsibility for the ultimate benefit for those in need.

Examples of Non-Profit Organisations:

  • United Nations Agencies
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • Specialised Agencies
  • News / research and educational institutions for the United Nations Agencies

Commercial entities are manufacturers and suppliers/providers of goods and services to the humanitarian agencies.

IHC facilitates international humanitarian aid by:

  • Enabling leading humanitarian players with a world-class logistics infrastructure and specialized facilities
  • Efficient services and effective administrative support
  • Facilitating coordination and collaboration between international organizations and UAE local organizations in their delivery of aid
  • Promoting research and facilitating innovation
  • Enabling the networking and knowledge sharing of worldwide humanitarian organizations

IHC members can enjoy many benefits including:

  • Easy access to the local market and specially designed goods that meet the needs of humanitarian organisations
  • Close-knit networking in the private sector, government and local community
  • Frequent contact with the local community
  • Competitive rates on travel, accommodation, food and beverage etc.
  • Easily obtaining government approvals for local fundraising activities.

A range of customized services to facilitate members’ humanitarian operations are offered at IHC.

Facilities management services include:

  • Registration and licensing of humanitarian organizations as well as commercial companies
  • Assistance with customs procedures
  • Issuing of visas
  • Leasing
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Other government services
  • Various other services.

Operation and Facilities

  • 8 services provided
  • 8 online services provided

Registration and Licenses

  • 34 services provided
  • 8 online services provided

Government Services

  • 54 services provided
  • 40 online services provided

Community Services per year

  • 40 Events
  • 10 Training Activities
  • 2 Appeals
  • 8 Fundraising events

IHC provides all necessary day-to-day services to its clients so that they can operate their companies smoothly. The services and activities include:

  • Organizing meetings and conferences
  • Outdoor landscaping
  • Cafeteria and catering services
  • Bus services
  • Car parking facilities

IHC’s Products

IHC houses over 100,000 sq m, highly secured, first class and state of the art facilities that meet the needs of IHC’s members.

IHC provides the following facilities to its clients:

  • Offices – 10,665 Sq m
  • Warehouses – 52,179.49 Sq m
  • Multipurpose areas – 16,491.70 Sq m
  • Open Yard – 23,654 Sq m

All facilities are specifically designed in line with the client’s needs. They come with a high level of security and safety procedures with closed control circuit TV cameras, round the clock security guards and access controlled facilities.

Information to download:

International Humanitarian City (IHC) Corporate Video

International Humanitarian City (IHC) Map

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