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Dubai Studio City (DSC) Free Zone Company

Dubai Studio City (DSC) Free Zone Company Formation

Introduction – Free Zone Focus

Dubai Studio City operates under the jurisdiction of Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone (DTMFZ) and is a member of TECOM Investments. It was created with the aim of establishing the United Arab Emirates as a first-class destination for the filming of global and local productions. Global giants, well known SME’s and successful start-up companies are now housed at DSC.

DSC’s mission is to provide excellent opportunities for the growth of the media industry by offering platforms for innovation and learning through various organised initiatives. It has succeeded in meeting the highly sophisticated and specific needs of media and entertainment companies.

DSC’s One-Stop shop provides services to filmmakers, producers and crews enabling the efficient and hassle-free filming in Dubai. Clients have access to all the companies within the media value chain as well as dedicated, talented and experienced personnel to provide support and ensure the success of films, broadcasts, television broadcasts or music productions.

DSC’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, including first-class sound stages and vibrant operating environment are ideal for the success of media companies.

To see  DSC’s Interactive Presentation, Corporate Video, Brochure, Google Map and useful Application Forms follow this link


Competitive Advantages: Why Dubai Studio City?

  • Zero income tax
  • Zero corporate tax
  • Zero restrictions on currency
  • 100% business foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Zero custom duties
  • Zero trade barriers and quotas
  • Low operations costs
  • First class infrastructure
  • First class support services
  • Best amenities for media companies


Dubai Studio City Free Zone Contact Details

Commercial Building 1
Ground Floor, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +9714 391 4664
Fax: +9714 390 9905

Working Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 8.00 am till 5.00 pm

Key People

Jamal Al Sharif
Managing Director, Dubai Studio City
Chairman, Dubai Film and TV Commission

Mohammad Abdullah
Managing Director, Media Cluster

Dubai Studio City Free Zone Company Registration Process

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority DTMFZ approves the setup and registration of DSC’s companies.

Six steps to set up a FZ-LLC where the corporate person or the entity is the shareholder:

Note: to set up a FZ-LLC where (1) the natural person/individual and corporate person/entity are shareholders or (2) an FZ-LLC where the natural person/individual is a shareholder or (3) to set up a Branch or (4) for Freelancers, please visit the DSC website for more information.

Steps and Documents Required Client Actions
DSC / DTMFZ Actions

Step 1:

Submit the application for approval

Documents Required:

Company registration application

License application

Business plan

Colour copy of passport for manager / director(s) / legal representative

Contact a sales rep at DSC and submit application

Evaluate client’s application

Inform the client of any external regulatory body approvals required and issue provisional Approval Letter

Timing: 5 working days

Step 2:

Submit legal documents for registration of company

Documents Required:

Company registration application

Shareholder(s) details

Original Memorandum and Articles of Association

Board Resolution

Passport copy of manager

NOC from residency visa sponsor

Manager’s specimen signature

Passport copy of director(s)

Director(s)’s specimen signature

Proof of Share Capital

Registration fee and license fee

Memorandum of Association of FZ-LLC

Agreement for personnel secondment

Certificate of Authorization for GSO

Submit the legal documents for company registration to DSC sales rep

Issue Customer Confirmation Letter

Timing: 2 working days

Step 3:

Sign and return Customer Confirmation Letter and make payment

Sign and return Customer Confirmation Letter and make payments (registration and license fee and first lease installment) to the DSC sales rep

Review legal documents and prepare AOA and MOA and Bank Introduction Letter

Timing: 3 working days

Step 4:

Sign Articles & Memorandum of Association

Go to Sales Department at DSC to sign AOA and MOA and collect bank introduction letter and resolution

Step 5:

Deposit of share capital

Open a bank account in the name of the company, deposit share capital and take proof of capital letter to DSC

Prepare License and Lease

Timing: 3 working days

Step 6:

Sign lease and personnel sponsorship agreement

Visit TECOM Leasing Department to sign lease, personnel sponsorship agreement and collect license and AOA and MOA

Dubai Studio City Free Zone Services

  • One-Stop shop
  • Registration of companies

One-Stop Shop

Dubai Studio City provides services to its clients through its One-Stop shop which offers all the services involved in the setting up and the managing of companies.

  • Simple registering of companies
  • Simple legal framework and company laws
  • Fast access to knowledge workers with fast-track process for immigration
  • 24/7 visa services

Registration of Companies

Free Zone LLC

  • Separate legal entity
  • Shareholders can be physical persons and/or companies
  • Requirement of minimum one director per FZ-LLC
  • Minimum capital requirement AED 50,000

Note: TV broadcasting, radio broadcasting (but not IP streaming) need minimum capital requirement of AED 2,500,000.


  • Branch of an overseas or local company – not a separate legal entity from its parent company
  • A branch has the same business activities as the parent company
  • No minimum capital requirements


A Freelancer Permit is issued to an individual who conducts business activities under his/her name and not under a name of a company or brand.

Dubai Studio City Free Zone Products

Dubai Studio City provides the following products for its clients:

  • Offices
  • Boutique studios
  • Plots of land
  • Support spaces
  • Sound stages


  • Four low rise towers plus a 15 storey building
  • Landscaped gardens with amphitheatre and fountains
  • Office sizes from 500 sq ft to a whole building
  • Basement car parking
  • Full utilities (electricity, A/C, water)
  • Building maintenance

Boutique Studios

  • Single offices / studio facilities located in a site
  • Shared open spaces
  • Car parking

Plots of Land

  • Provision of infrastructure available for building of own facilities
  • Ready infrastructure for road, sewage, water, electricity and telecommunications
  • Land is suitable for building offices, housing, schools, shops etc

Support Spaces

Dubai Studio City provides support spaces which are onsite studios and retail facilities.

Studio facilities are provided by the following media companies:

  • BUT
  • Dubai Media Incorporated
  • Al Dafrah TV
  • Jamal Records FZ LLC

Sound Stages

Dubai Media City’s modern sound stages provide the specific and complex operating needs of the media industry. Clients have access to a broad range of services and also companies within the media value chain such as production houses, studios, and many other providers of media services like makeup, stage design, casting and costume design.

Features of Sound Stages:

  • Dedicated facilities and production offices for each sound stage next to the sound stages
  • Easy access to workshops for all types of set preparation and construction
  • Height of 12.5 – 15 metres
  • Doors which allow easy moving of sets and large equipment
  • High loading lighting capacity
  • Easy access to the backlot which is located next to the film complex and is ideal for outdoor filming
  • Soundless A/C and soundproof facilities
  • Access to electricity back-up generator
  • Water tanks of international industry standards for underwater shooting of all types
  • Facilities for green screen

Information to download:

DSC Corporate Video

Dubai Studio City (DSC) Free Zone Map

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