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Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Dubai Offshore Company Formation  | UAE Company Formation

$995 – Dubai Offshore Company Formation

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Why Dubai Offshore Company Formation or Set Up a Dubai Company or Business Company?

Constructive use of Dubai Offshore Company Formation in the UAE can yield the investor significant advantages. Tax, Security, Confidentiality and Lifestyle advantages. Read about the Dubai Offshore Company Formation Advantages and Dubai Offshore Company Formation Facts.

Dubai Offshore Company Formation at Jebel Ali Free Zone  (JAFZA)

Introduction – Dubai Offshore Company Formation

JAFZA is one of the strongest business communities in the MENA region. It has boosted Dubai’s and, indeed, the UAE’s huge economic growth and development. It is one of the fastest expanding and largest free zones in the Middle East.

JAFZA is the first free zone ever in the world to gain ISO certification (1996). It also received a 1st place award in the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) in 2004 as well as the Dubai Quality Award in 2005 and 2010.

JAFZA opened for business in 1985 with a modest 19 companies. It presently houses over 7,100 companies from over 100 countries, one hundred of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Clients benefit from JAFZA’s strong connections with well-known global and local service providers, suppliers, trade partners and government departments.

JAFZA is located at Jebel Ali Port, the largest harbour in the world, which is connected to any port worldwide. It has the capacity to handle 15 million containers per year via 170 shipping routes. JAFZA’s strategic location means that it has access to most of the markets globally. Exports from JAFZA account for over 50% of the total exports for the whole of Dubai. JAFZA’s imports account for over 30% of total imports to Dubai.

Dubai International Airport, the 8th busiest cargo airport in the world, is close by. It has a capacity to handle 2.7 million metric tons. Also nearby is the massive Al Maktoum cargo airport. JAFZA offers a single customs service that connects the two airports resulting in a seamless, hassle-free air cargo procedure.

With a 6-lane modern highway, JAFZA is able to handle the transport of goods from port to cargo aircraft in 30 minutes.

Etihad Rail connects the UAE to Saudi Arabia and Oman, covering over 1200 km and transporting over 50 million tonnes of cargo and 16 million passengers per year.

To see  JAFZA’s Interactive Presentation, Corporate Video, Brochure, Google Map and useful Application Forms follow this link


Competitive Advantages: Why Dubai Offshore Company Formation at JAFZA?

Prices and Start-Up Packages:Fees for the First Year and Subsequent Years
RAK ICC Offshore Company Registration for $99Company Formation Fees and Annual Fees
Dubai or RAK Free Zone Company Formation for $1.450Incorporation Fees and Annual Running Fees
UAE VAT, Tax, Accounting and Other FeesFees for Other Services
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  • 100% client ownership
  • 0% corporate tax for 50 years
  • 100% repatriation of capital
  • 0% import duties
  • 0% re-export duties
  • 0% income tax
  • Zero currency restrictions
  • Zero restrictions on employing overseas workforce
  • Seamless logistical infrastructure offering the best air, sea, land and rail connections
  • The only free zone in the world between one of the world’s largest airports and one of the worlds’ largest seaports
  • Ability to obtain a mortgage on client’s premises built on leased plots
  • Onsite Customs
  • Professional team of people to support clients in set-up and operation of companies
  • Fully integrated service – simple operating environment
  • Low cost of amenities such as electricity
  • Extensive range of customised products – specific operational facilities to support individual needs
  • Flexible licenses and categories for business activities
  • Attraction of top global companies and investors which facilitates business connections and enables unlimited business opportunities


Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Contact Details

PO Box 17000, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

Tel:+971 4 8813000

Fax +971 4 8815554




Key People

Salma Ali Saif bin Hareb

CEO, JAFZA and Economic Zones World

Jebel Ali Dubai Offshore Company Formation Process

The process for establishing a business at JAFZA is simple, hassle-free and cost effective. JAFZA’s staff will provide the necessary support to set up a business – from the application process to company registration and selection of business activity, facility leasing and business licensing.

JAFZA’s three-step registration process:

  1. Submission of the application form
  2. Selection of JAFZA products, registration and payment of fees
  3. Client receives business license and products

1. Submission of the Application Form

The client fills in and submits the application form and required documents.

JAFZA support staff will handle the:

  • Verification of documents
  • Verification of proposed business activity
  • Obtaining the required approvals from government departments
  • Registration of trade name

2. Selection of JAFZA products, registration and payment of fees


  • Select JAFZA required products
  • Sign and attest Article of Association (AoA) & Memorandum of Understanding (MoA)
  • Pay registration, lease and business license fees
  • Pay processing fee
  • Sign documents

3. Client receives business license and products

The client receives:

  • AoA and MoA
  • Share Register
  • Certificate of Company Formation
  • License
  • Bank letter for opening of bank account
  • Product key
  • Registration on Dubai Trade Online Portal

Documents Required – All Applications

The documents required in order to apply for a JAFZA business license and JAFZA products depend on the type of company to be set up:

  • Application form
  • Manager’s passport copy (FZE/FZCO – manager and shareholder(s) included)
  • Business activity summary
  • No Objection Certificate from a local Sponsor (only UAE resident)
  • Environment, Health & Safety Undertaking Letter

Documents Required – for Dubai Offshore Company Formation FZE and FZCO Companies

  • Shareholder(s) business profile
  • Board resolution attested at JAFZA
  • Specimen signature of manager, attested at JAFZA
  • Certificate of Company Registration – duly notarized and attested by embassy of UAE
  • Memorandum of Association – duly notarized and attested by embassy of UAE
  • Article of Association – duly notarized and attested by embassy of UAE

Documents Required – for Branch Office  

Branch Office – Overseas

  • Board Resolution or Owner Declaration Form – duly notarized and attested by embassy of UAE
  • Specimen signature of manager, attested at JAFZA
  • Certificate of Company Registration – duly notarized and attested by embassy of UAE
  • Memorandum of Association – duly notarized and attested by embassy of UAE
  • Article of Association – duly notarized and attested by embassy of UAE

 Branch Office – in UAE

  • Letter from the company to open a JAFZA branch
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Copy of license
  • Copy of Chamber of Commerce certificate
  • Original Board Resolution
  • Manager’s specimen signature, attested at JAFZA

Jebel Ali Free Zone Company Registration Fees

Company Registration Fees

Company Type One-off fee AED
Free Zone Company (FZCo) 15,000
Free Zone Establishment (FZE) 10,000
Branch of a company 5,000
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Article of Association (AoA) attestation (minimum 3 copies): AED 200 each
  • Specimen signature: AED 50 per person
  • Board Resolution: AED 200

Product Fees

Product Size sqm Yearly Rent sqm per year AED Insurance per year AED
From 5,000     different sizes available 20 – 80 Depending on location
Warehouses and Light Industrial Units (LIU)
Warehouses 10 KVA & 74 KVA 669, 619, 601, 555, 313 350 – 600 300
Factory LIU 100 KVA 619, 601, 555, 543 450 – 700 300
Showrooms (JAFZA Business Plus)
Type A – showroom, warehouse and office 891 600 1,400
Type B – showroom, warehouse and office 772 600 1,400
Type A – showroom, warehouse and office 423.72 1,000 1,000
Type A – showroom, warehouse and office 348.34 600 400
Office Space
Standard Office G+1 26.88 1,800 100/unit
Jafza 14, 15, 16, 17 As required 1,900 – 2,000 4 sq/m
Jafza View 18, 19 As required 2,100 – 2,500 4 sq/m
Business Park 23,000 – 30,000 100/unit
Retail Outlets
Food Court 1, 2, 3 As required 2,000 – 3,500 300
Jafza view As required 2,000 – 3,000 4 sq/m

Note: Business Park – 1,400 – 8220 AED (monthly rent), Capacity per room: 2 – 8 people, Size per room in sqm: 15 to 46

License Fees

License Type Fee AED
Trading License (Type 1) – maximum 7 products from one group 5,500
Trading License (Type 2) – maximum 12 products from 2 groups 9,000
General Trading License 30,000
Service License (Branch of UAE company only) 8,000
Logistics License (Branch of UAE company only) 30,000
Industrial License – with 7 products 5,500
Industrial License – with 12 products 9,000

Security Deposit, PHL (Public Healthy Levy) and other costs:

Product Cost AED Comments
Plot 2% of annual rent as PHL fees Annually – up to AED 10,000
Warehouse & showroom 10% of annual rent as security deposit 2% of annual rent as PHL fees One-off paymentAnnually – up to AED 10,000
Office space 10% of annual rent as security deposit One-off payment
All facilities Immigration card fees (CIC) – 480 Annually

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Services

  • Company registration
  • Issuing of licenses

JAFZA’s One Stop Shop offers client support from dedicated, experienced personnel from the company set up stage to the day-to-day running of the business. Clients are able to form their company, get their license, visa, arrange for business facilities and recruit staff all under one roof.

Company Registration

Types of Companies Registered at JAFZA:

JAFZA offers its clients several options, depending on their business requirements and activities:

  • Free Zone Company (FZCo)
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Branch

Free Zone Company (FZCo)

  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Located in the Free Zone
  • 2 to 5 shareholders
  • Shareholders can be physical persons or non-person (company)

  Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Located in the Free Zone
  • Single shareholder
  • Shareholder can be a physical person or non-person (company)

Branch of a Company

A branch is used for established companies based outside the Jebel Ali Free Zone which require a base in JAFZA. A branch is a legal entity of a parent company.

Issuing of Licenses

Types of Licenses Issued by JAFZA:

JAFZA issues three types of business licenses:

  • Trading
  • Service
  • Industrial

The type of license selected for a company will depend on the intended business activity.

Trading License

For importing, exporting, storage and distribution of products which are specified on the license. A General Trading License is issued for a wider range of business activities and a wider range of specified products on the license. Examples of trading activities are: the trading of building materials, equipment, machinery, jewelry, metal etc.

Service License

The holder of a Service License is allowed to engage in the services which are specified on the license inside the Free Zone.   A Logistics License allows the holder to provide cargo (air, land, sea) storage, packing, distribution etc services. Examples of service activities are: the supply of fuel, financial consultancy, bank, accountants, building contractors etc


The holder of an Industrial License is allowed to import raw materials, manufacture products which are specified on the license and export the finished items. A National Industrial License is issued for manufacturing companies which have minimum 51% Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council (AGCC) ownership. Holders of this license have the same status as an AGCC or local company within the UAE. Examples of industrial activities are: the manufacture of aircraft, vehicles, gold products etc.

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Products

JAFZA offers its clients a wide range of facilities to ensure that they will find the right setup for their individual business activities and requirements:

  • Plots of Land
  • Showrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Customised Products
  • Office Space
  • Business Park
  • Retail Outlets
  • Employee Accommodation

Plots of Land

JAFZA offers plots of land which are ideal for clients who wish to build their own business premises.

Features of Plots of Land:

  • Various sizes available – from 5,000 sqm
  • Short and long-term leases
  • Ready road infrastructure
  • Ready electricity and water infrastructure
  • Ready Telecommunication infrastructure
  • Plots located in zones to house companies with matching business activities
  • 24 hour security within the Free Zone.


JAFZA provides showrooms with warehousing at the back of the buildings and upper floor offices all in the same facility.

Features of Showrooms:

  • Various sizes – showrooms from 264 sqm, offices from 158 sqm to 277 sqm, and warehouses 348 sqm
  • Ready electricity and water infrastructure
  • Ready telecommunication infrastructure
  • Offices have lighting fixtures, power points, telephone access and provisions for air conditioning
  • Fire alarm and fire-fighting systems
  • Several access points and easy access for forklift and trucks
  • Car parking
  • 24/7 security


JAFZA provides warehouses with offices in the same unit which are suitable for storage and light industrial activities.

Features of Warehouses:

  • Various sizes from 313 sqm to 1,110 sqm, and variable height
  • Ready electricity and water infrastructure
  • Ready telecommunication infrastructure
  • Floor load capacity of 5 tons per sqm
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire alarm and fire-fighting systems.
  • Several access points and easy access for forklift and trucks
  • Car parking
  • 24/7 security

Customised Products

Customised Development Solution is an innovative offering by Jafza that addresses customers’ specific needs and requirements.

JAFZA’s Customised Development Solutions provides clients with the necessary services to develop the chosen facility from network planning, selection of site, design of the project and accommodating specific infrastructure needs.

Features of Customised Products:

  • For long-term leases: construction of facility according to specific business needs
  • For client ownership: construction and delivery to client according to clients’ specifications, budget and timing
  • For development management: consultation offered by staff to help the client develop the facility

Office Space

JAFZA provides unfurnished offices within excellent building infrastructures with value-added specifications and facilities.

Features of Office Space:

  • Choice of range – high and low rise building facilities
  • Unfurnished offices means clients can furnish them according to individual taste and specifications
  • Easy staff and visitor access to buildings
  • Ready Internet and telephone lines
  • Amenities on all floors
  • Prayer rooms
  • Building / office maintenance
  • Car parking
  • 24/7 security with CCTV system

Business Park

JAFZA’s Business Park offers furnished and fully equipped office space either for short or long term lease. This is an easy, hassle-free way to set up a business with no cost for setup. Clients of the Business Park can upgrade their services to a serviced office if they wish.

Features of Business Park:

  • Access to office desks 24/7
  • Trade or Service License
  • Internet and telephone lines
  • No setup cost
  • Experienced staff who provide administrative support
  • Business common area
  • Meeting/conference rooms with audio-visual equipment
  • 24/7 security and CCTV cameras
  • Car parking

Retail Outlets

JAFZA provides retail outlets which are suitable for a wide range of retail activities. These are located throughout the free zone and enable the trading of items inside the JAFZA free zone. Clients can easily set up a restaurant or other type of food outlet or shop.

There are food outlets of different sizes for rent in various locations. JAFZA South is home to a well-known food court as well as shops.

Features of Retail Outlets:

  • Structure for amenities – electricity, water etc
  • Near mosques, retail stores, supermarkets, laundry services, volleyball court, tennis court, cricket court and football court
  • Telecommunications
  • 24/7 security

Employee Accommodation

JAFZA provides on-site accommodation for labourers within the free zone. There are more than 4,850 rooms in JAFZA North and more than 4,600 rooms in JAFZA South.

Features of Employee Accommodation:

  • Provision of catering
  • A shared mess hall
  • Shared washrooms
  • Near mosques, retail stores, supermarkets, laundry services, volleyball court, tennis court, cricket court and football court
  • 24/7 security

Information to download:

JAFZA News and Latest Developments

JAFZA Corporate Video

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) Map

UAE Company Formation Packages
Start-up Fee PackagesCompany Set-up in Dubai, RAK and UAE
UAE Offshore Company FormationStartup Fee Package - 1st year

By forming an offshore company in the UAE you can have a UAE address and run your business tax free internationally, open a bank account in the UAE or outside the UAE and own property in Dubai or RAK

Dubai  Offshore Company: $995 + annual fees $1.450 = $2.445

Ras Al Khaimah - RAK ICC: $99 formation + $995 annual fees = $1.094

Free Zone Company Incorporation in the UAEStartup Package - 1st year

By setting up a free zone company in the UAE you can enjoy the privileges of onshore presence and UAE and international trading  tax free, open a bank account in the UAE or outside the UAE and own property in Dubai or RAK. Residence Visa is given to investors and staff.

Dubai Free Zone Company: $1.450

RAK Free Zone Company: $1.450

Sharjah Free Zone Company: $1.450

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company: $1.450

Extra UAE Company Set-up Services on requestPrices

Virtual office, telephone  answering, mail forwarding, accounting, tax and VAT services and consulting, PRO services and Visa processing

On request - we price our services very competitively and are flexible to find fair agreements with clients

Offshore Companies and Free Zone Companies in Dubai, RAK and UAE
RAK Offshore Company - RAK ICCDubai Offshore Company - JAFZA
DMCCRAK Trade Free Zone
DAFZAAjman Free Zone
JLTRAKIA - RAK Investment Authority

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